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Magnetic phone holder | EdgePro

Magnetic phone holder | EdgePro

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  • EDGE Pro Core features a slim and elegant metal arm that allows you to magnetically hold your phone close to your PC screen, but also completely independent of it. Use it for countless tasks such as managing your work activities, video conferencing, gaming or simply multi-screen entertainment
  • THIN AS 2 CREDIT CARDS – EDGE Pro Core is as thin as 2 credit cards when used. With a minimum thickness of just 2.5mm, EDGE Pro Core is the perfect work or entertainment companion for your phone and computer.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED – The EDGE Pro Core includes the following components:
  • 1 × EDGE Pro Core
  • 1 × Metal Plate
  • 1 × Nano absorbent layer (plate)
  • 1 × Metal Ring
  • 1 × Metal Disc
  • 1 × Nano absorbent layer (disc)
  • 1 × Plate Remover
  • The EDGE Pro is compatible with MagSafe and thanks to the included metal ring, EDGE Pro Core can be used with Android and/or non-MagSafe compatible devices .

  • Key Feature

    Ultra thin
    Magnetic cell phone holder
    Universal applicability


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